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Author: W. B. Henning
Publisher: Forgotten Book
Keywords: sons, forgotten, books, giant, angels, giants, fallen, book
Number of Pages: 45
Published: 2007-12-04
ISBN-10: 1605062111
ISBN-13: 9781605062112

"Ogias the Giant, also known as The Book of Giants is one of the books from the New Testament apocrypha which concerned the Old Testament. The text relates how before the great flood, there was a giant named Ogias who fought a great dragon. A brief mention of this giant, "Ohia" is found in the Babylonian Talmud (Nidah, Ch 9), where it is said "Sihon and Og [from the book of Genesis] were brothers, as they were the sons of Ohia the son of Semjâzâ [one of the leaders of the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch]".The book is thought to have been based on the Book of Enoch, itself based

Author: Enoch
Keywords: enoch, book
Number of Pages: 126
Published: 2009-01-30
ISBN-10: 8562022454
ISBN-13: 9788562022456

The Book of Enoch is an old composition considered a pseudoepigraphal work (a work that claims to be by a biblical character). The discovery of the texts from Qumran Cave 4 has finally provided parts of the Aramaic original of the .Book of Enoch. This discovery is very important because it eliminates doubts about the Book of Enoch, which was considered a medieval forgery in the past. The Enoch fragment found (4Q201) was copied around 200-150 BC.
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