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Authors: Errol P. Mendes, Sakunthala Srighantha,
Publisher: University of Ottawa Pre
Keywords: canadian, perspectives, chinese, china, discrimination, inequality, confronting
Number of Pages: 438
Published: 2009-04-18
ISBN-10: 077660709X
ISBN-13: 9780776607092

Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in Chinafocuses on the most challenging areas of discrimination and inequality in China, including discrimination faced by HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals, rural populations, migrant workers, women, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities. The Canadian contributors offer rich regional, national, and international perspectives on how constitutions, laws, policies, and practices, both in Canada and in other parts of the world, battle discrimination and the conflicts that rise out of it. The Chinese contributors include some of the most independent

Author: Lawrence Boland
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: teacher, lies, economics, principles
Number of Pages: 252
Published: 1995-10-24
ISBN-10: 0415132088
ISBN-13: 9780415132084

The Principles of Economics will help a new generation of economists to overcome the traditional economic metaphysics, exploring the central questions by-- hopefully--more testable, realistic concepts. This book is about forming effective critiques of neoclassical economics. Its focus is on constructive criticism of the foundations of neoclassical theory, beginning with what Alfred Marshall called the `Principles of Economics’. It concludes that there is still much that can be done to make neoclassical economics more realistic.

Author: L. Boland
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: methodology, economic, critical
Number of Pages: 307
Published: 1997-01-16
ISBN-10: 0415136075
ISBN-13: 9780415136075

Lawrence Boland takes issue with both economic methodologists and practicing economists. He argues that there has been too much "methodology for methodology’s sake" and that mainstream economics might benefit by using methodology to take a critical look at economic theory. Containing twenty essays, the book discusses Friedman’s essay on methodology, the role of the maximization in neoclassical theory, the limitation of traditional economic methodology, the possibilities for more fruitful criticisms, and Karl Popper’s theory of science. Throughout, the essays emphasize the pos

Author: Herman Menck
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: management, design, registries, cancer, central
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 1994-05-01
ISBN-10: 3718605791
ISBN-13: 9783718605798

Practical issues, including the use of computers, selection and training of professional, administrative and technical staff are included, along with quality control procedures, essential to assure the integrity of information kept by the registry. Follow-up procedures, sources of population data, calculation and interpretation of incidence rates and survival rates, and the differences between case-control studies and cohort studies (based on registry data) are also described. Prevention and control applications, and legal issues relative to the confidentiality of information in the data files

Author: Arthur Sketchley
Publisher: Gale, Making of Modern Law
Keywords: case, tichborne, brown, mrs
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2012-02-17
ISBN-10: 1275311180
ISBN-13: 9781275311183

Full Title: "Mrs. Brown on The Tichborne Case"Description: "The Making of the Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926" collection provides descriptions of the major trials from over 300 years, with official trial documents, unofficially published accounts of the trials, briefs and arguments and more. Readers can delve into sensational trials as well as those precedent-setting trials associated with key constitutional and historical issues and discover, including the Amistad Slavery case, the Dred Scott case and Scopes "monkey" trial."Trials" provides unfiltered narrative into the lives of the trial part

Authors: Arjen Hoekstra, Ashok K. Chapagain, Maite M. Alda
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: global, standard, setting, manual, footprint, assessment, water
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2011-02-22
ISBN-10: 1849712794
ISBN-13: 9781849712798

People use lots of water for drinking, cooking and washing, but significantly more for producing things such as food, paper and cotton clothes. The water footprint is an indicator of water use that looks at both direct and indirect water use of a consumer or producer. Indirect use refers to the ’virtual water’ embedded in tradable goods and commodities, such as cereals, sugar or cotton. The water footprint of an individual, community or business is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the individual or community or pro

Author: Linda RichterRobert Morrell
Publisher: HSRC Press
Keywords: baba
Number of Pages: 416
Published: 2006-01-02
ISBN-10: 0796920966
ISBN-13: 9780796920966

Baba: Men and Fatherhood in South Africa provides answers to some of the most difficult questions about fatherhood in South Africa: Who is a father? What does it mean to be a father? Is it important for fathers to do more for children in a world that assumes that mothers take the primary parenting role? Do different people understand fatherhood in different ways? What evidence is there of new fatherhood styles emerging in South Africa?Authors from a range of backgrounds and disciplines break new ground as they explore the centrality of fatherhood in the lives of men and in the experiences of c
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