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Author: Machtelt Garrel
Publisher: Fultus Corporatio
Keywords: second, beginners, guide, bash
Number of Pages: 214
Published: 2010-05-13
ISBN-10: 1596822015
ISBN-13: 9781596822016

The Bash Guide for Beginners (Second Edition) discusses concepts useful in the daily life of the serious Bash user. While a basic knowledge of shell usage is required, it starts with a discussion of shell building blocks and common practices. Then it presents the grep, awk and sed tools that will later be used to create more interesting examples. The second half of the course is about shell constructs such as loops, conditional tests, functions and traps, and a number of ways to make interactive scripts. All chapters come with examples and exercises that will help you become familiar with t

Author: Daniel Swenson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: frangible, roof, joints, tanks, storage, design, criteria, oil, evaluation
Number of Pages: 81
Published: 1997-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788137743
ISBN-13: 9780788137747

Describes research that evaluated the ability of the present design criteria (API 650) to ensure the desired frangible joint behavior. Particular questions include: evaluation of the area inequality as a method to predict the buckling response of the compression ring; effect of roof slope, tank diameter, and weld size on the frangible joint; effect of the relative strength of the roof-to-shell joint compared to the shell-to-bottom joint. Charts, tables, graphs and photos. References.

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: iran, pistachios, shell, raw
Number of Pages: 170
ISBN-10: 1428955437
ISBN-13: 9781428955431

Author: Unknown
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: concrete, roofs, shell, thin, weatherproofing, requirements
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 1961
eBookDB-ID: NAP:11037

Author: U.S. International Trade Commission
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: inv, review, iran, pistachios, shell, raw
Number of Pages: 170
ISBN-10: 1457819333
ISBN-13: 9781457819339

Author: Unknown
Publisher: Academy of Natural Sciences
Keywords: naturae, notulae, acad, natural, phila, sciences, zanzibar, cypraeidae, study, shell, monetaria, annulus, gastropoda, bionomic
Number of Pages: 16
ISBN-10: 1604833130
ISBN-13: 9781604833133

Author: James F. Weiner
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: foi, sociality, dimension, mythological, pearl, shell, heart
Number of Pages: 354
Published: 1988
ISBN-10: 0520061322
ISBN-13: 9780520061323

For the Foi people who live on the edge of the central highlands of Papua New Guinea, the flow of pearl shells is the "heart" of their social life. The pearl shell is the exchange item that mediates the creation of their most important sexual and social roles. The Heart of the Pearl Shell analyzes a number of myths of the Foi people, elegantly bringing together significant ethnographic materials in a way that has important implications for the development of social theory in anthropology and in Melanesian studies. Scholars of semiotic-symbolic anthropology and of comparative religion will also
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