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Author: Christiaan Grootaert
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: tool, practitioners, multidisciplinary, capital, measuring, social, understanding
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 2002-09-01
ISBN-10: 0821350684
ISBN-13: 9780821350683

The importance of social capital for sustainable development is well understood. However, the impact of social capital is not easily quantified and to overcome this, the Social Capital Initiative at the World Bank attempts to contribute to this understanding by concentrating on how to measure social capital and its impact.This book details both the quantitative and qualitative approaches to the analysis of social capital. Also included is the Social Capital Assessment Tool which combines quantitative and qualitative instruments in order to measure social capital at the household, community, an

Author: Mark Schreiner
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: subsidy, measuring, institutions, finance, development
Number of Pages: 116
Published: 2001-10-01
ISBN-10: 0821349848
ISBN-13: 9780821349847

The purpose of the measurement of the social cost of subsidised development finance institutions (DFIs) is to see if the social benefit exceeds the social cost. In most cases, it is so expensive to measure social benefits that a full-blown social cost-benefit analysis cannot be done. The measurement of social costs, however, is not as expensive, and it can inform choices of how to spend public funds. This paper presents two measures of social cost. The first is the Subsidy Dependence Index (SDI) that can measure social cost in short time frames. The second measure is the net present cost of so

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Arc
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: action, agenda, science, social, arctic
Number of Pages: 90
Published: 1989
eBookDB-ID: NAP:00271

Examines the status of arctic research in the field of social science. Recommends the need to promote arctic social science research by increased funding, and better methods of disseminating findings so as to integrate arctic social science with national and global social science.

Author: Estanislao Gacitúa-Marió
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: public, policy, realization, rights, approaches, new, equality, opportunity, social, guarantees, building
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 2009-06
ISBN-10: 082137883X
ISBN-13: 9780821378830

Social guarantees are defined as sets of policy mechanisms that determine citizens' entitlements related to basic services and ensure their fulfillment on the part of the state. The social guarantee concept gives operational expression to fundamental human rights principles by providing mechanisms for awareness, participation, equity, and redress in the delivery of social policy. In addition, the social guarantees approach responds to an emerging global need for a comprehensive social policy model-a new social contract between the state and its citizens-that can face up to the challenges of in

Author: Richard G. Wilkinson
Publisher: World Health Organization
Keywords: facts, solid, health, determinants, social
Number of Pages: 34
Published: 2003
ISBN-10: 9289013710
ISBN-13: 9789289013710

Poorer people live shorter lives and are more often ill than the rich. This disparity has drawn attention to the remarkable sensitivity of health to the social environment. This publication examines this social gradient in health, and explains how psychological and social influences affect physical health and longevity. It then looks at what is known about the most important social determinants of health today, and the role that public policy can play in shaping a social environment that is more conducive to better health. This second edition relies on the most up-to-date sources in its select

Author: Sommet mondial pour le développement social (1995
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: social, summit, development, world, progress, dimensions, ethical, spiritual
Number of Pages: 115
Published: 1998-12
ISBN-10: 0788174010
ISBN-13: 9780788174018

Report of a seminar on Ethical & Spiritual Dimensions of Social Progress organized by the Secretariat of the U.N. in the context of the preparation of the World Summit for Social Development, or Social Summit, Copenhagen, 6-12 March 1995. Participants came from different regions, walks of life, cultures & beliefs. Extracts from contributions by participants include aspects of the spirit of the time; notes on the spirit of humankind; human dignity & human rights; sectoral perspectives; market & social darwinism; universal value of love; individualism in modern science; human dignity as a centra

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: pacific, asia, glance, society
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2012-01-31
ISBN-10: 9264105697
ISBN-13: 9789264105690

This is the second edition of Society at a Glance Asia -Pacific, the biennial OECD overview of social indicators. This report addresses the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well-being and its trends. This report includes a special chapter on unpaid work. It also provides a guide to help readers in understanding the structure of social indicators and a summary. Part II reports on social indicators, including chapters covering the general context, self-sufficiency, equity, health, and social cohesion.
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