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Author: Naftali Rothenberg
Publisher: Academic Studies PRess
Keywords: jewish, canonical, literature, god, woman, love, man, wisdom
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1934843296
ISBN-13: 9781934843291

The Wisdom of Love strives to challenge the discrepancy between the way source texts relate to love and the way they are perceived to do so, introducing readers to the extensive, profound, and significant treatment of love in the Jewish canon. This is a book about love, not its repression; it is an opportunity to study the wisdom of love, not those who lack such wisdom and are unlikely to ever acquire it.The Wisdom of Love brings about not only a change in perceptionrecognizing the existence of the wisdom of love per sebut also the realization that this wisdom is the very foundation of religio

Author: Unknown
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: divine, wisdom, love, concerning, angelic
Number of Pages: 634
ISBN-10: 1440093369
ISBN-13: 9781440093364

Author: Brian Brown
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: wisdom, book, trismegistus, egyptian, magic, thoth, hermes, dead, ancient, egypt, egyptians, religion
Number of Pages: 178
ISBN-10: 1605064521
ISBN-13: 9781605064529

Author: Copthorne Macdonald
Publisher: iUniverse
Keywords: effective, living, joyful, strategies, life, getting
Number of Pages: 120
Published: 2001-10-11
ISBN-10: 0595202462
ISBN-13: 9780595202461

This book is about crafting full, rich, creative, and enjoyable lives for ourselves; lives that are significant, lives that contribute in some way to the world around us. Getting a Life is rooted in the idea that some steps toward wisdom require nothing more than a fresh look at common life situations, nothing more than an appreciation of the difference between skillful and unskillful ways of dealing with those situations. Its premise is that a few truths about everyday life, if pointed out and taken seriously, can make a significant difference in the quality of day-to-day living and our enjoy

Author: Marlo
Publisher: Edel Germany GmbH
Keywords: joyful, sounds, fun, wisdom, experience, buddha
Number of Pages: 124
Published: 2004-08-19
ISBN-10: 393740614X
ISBN-13: 9783937406145

For more than two and a half millennia, Buddha's words have reached out to people, but the doctrine of wisdom from the Far East was never relevant as in our times. With artfully arranged photographs and excerpts of Indian wisdom, The Buddha Experience invites you to join a journey into the modern world of Buddha. Music CDs: This earBOOK offers exclusively produced chill-out and lounge music. It is inspired by Eastern influences and emphasizes the colorful world of images turning The Buddha Experience into an event for the senses.

Author: Sorin Cerin
Publisher: Sorin Cerin
Keywords: wisdom, book, collection
Number of Pages: 198
Published: 2010-10-10
ISBN-10: 1453865489
ISBN-13: 9781453865484

Love quotes, life quotes, inspirational quotes, motivational quotes in the light of wisdom:"What good it is to be in the most peaceful area of nature if the nature of your soul is in a perpetual storm?Respect is the desired and accepted modesty without which the backbone of society would break.We all dance the tango of life with the world, until we understand that everything was a mere illusion with a given purpose.God is the only who can understand the incomprehensible rooted in knowledge.Without knowledge you would not know what the meaning and not even the incomprehensible is."

Author: Sorin Cerin
Publisher: Sorin Cerin
Keywords: collection, wisdom
Number of Pages: 613
Published: 2010-10-21
ISBN-10: 1453881271
ISBN-13: 9781453881279

The famous Wisdom Collection, considered by experts one of the most important works of the century, contains a total of 7012 aphorisms, in his six volumes.Romanian academician Gheorghe Vladutescu, University Professor,D.Phil., philosopher, one of the biggest romanian celebrity in the philosophy of culture and humanism believes about sapiential works of Sorin Cerin in Wisdom collection:" Sapiential literature has a history perhaps as old writing itself. Not only in the Middle Ancient, but in ancient Greece "wise men" were chosen as apoftegmatic (sententiar) constitute, easily memorable, to do,
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