The Piano Lessons Book : The Piano Student's Guide For Getting The Most Out Of Practicing, Lessons, Your Teacher And Yourself

Author: Neil Miller
Publisher: The Piano Lessons Book
Keywords: piano, lessons, teacher, yourself, practicing, guide, book, student, getting
Number of Pages: 329
Published: 2007-12-08
ISBN-10: 1434818535
ISBN-13: 9781434818539

Book Description:

THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK by Neil Miller provides the essential information required to excel at playing the piano: what you should be learning in piano lessons so you can play to your full potential.It is the piano student's guide for getting the most out of practicing, lessons, your teacher and yourself. Whether your preferences are towards classical, jazz or popular music, THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK will show you organized practicing methods that take the mystery out of music, revealing how music is put together and easing the challenges of piano playing.THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK combines Neil Miller's creative teaching techniques and experiences with practicing and performing, comprehensively covering topics extremely useful to anyone taking or planning to take lessons.In THE PIANO LESSONS BOOK, Neil Miller recounts relevant personal incidents and informative historical accounts, to enlighten and entertain. Hundreds of illustrations and musical examples enhance the explanations.

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