The Story Of Money For Understanding Economics

Author: Vincent Lannoye
Publisher: Vincent Lannoye
Keywords: economics, understanding, money, story
Number of Pages: 442
Published: 2011-07-10
ISBN-10: 1463568800
ISBN-13: 9781463568801

Book Description:

Economics, cornerstone politics
Examining politics demands an understanding of economics. This science remains the main constraint of any government's actions.
   And, money is the key to learning economics. If money is well understood, it will clarify seemingly impenetrable economic events.
   The Story of Money for Understanding Economics is an indispensable reference to decrypt economics, and it does so in an enthralling way, from antiquity to the present day, with readily accessible language.
   The book answers the following questions: How did money appear? What precisely is a bank? Why did gold coins vanish after circulating for centuries? Is there anything behind the value of paper banknotes? What is inflation? What is the IMF? Is the US trade deficit bearable?

A monetary solution, rather than a political one
This book joins other groundbreaking interpretations of history that have underscored the influence of the management of money. This book explains how monetary changes have significantly catalyzed events from the fall of the Roman Empire to World War II and beyond.
   Considering such past monetary influences, can a solution to global warming be found in a monetary breakthrough? Indeed, Lannoye challenges the reader with a monetary innovation to finance a green economy.

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