Arab Media : Tools Of The Government; Tools For The People?

Author: Mamoun Fandy
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: tools, people, government, arab, media
Number of Pages: 18
Published: 2008-10-01
ISBN-10: 1437904564
ISBN-13: 9781437904567

Book Description:

In March 2004, the U.S. Institute of Peace organized a six-month workshop series, as part of its Muslim World Initiative, to analyze the role of Arab media in shaping the information environment that encourages popular hostility in the region toward the West, particularly the U.S. The overarching objective of the series was to complement the many U.S. public diplomacy projects directed toward diffusing Muslim, particularly Arab, resentment toward the U.S. The series examined the primary media sources of information, perceptions, and opinions among Arab populations -- ostensibly the most hostile, perhaps the most misunderstood, and certainly the most oppressed populations in the Muslim world.

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