National Education Goals Report : Building A Nation Of Learners

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: nation, learners, building, report, education, goals, national
Number of Pages: 178
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788126733
ISBN-13: 9780788126734

Book Description:

Fifth in a series of annual reports to measure progress toward the Nat. Educ. Goals through the year 2000. Consists of 4 documents: the Core Report (CR), the Nat. and State Data Vols. (NSDV), and the exec. summ. The CR focuses on two dozen core indicators to convey to parents, educators, and policymakers how far we are from achievement of the Goals and what we must do in order to reach them. The NSDV includes comprehensive sets of measures to describe progress at the nat. level and the progress that states have made against their own baselines.

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