Knowledge And Innovation For Competitiveness In Brazil

Author: Alberto Rodríguez
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: brazil, competitiveness, innovation, knowledge
Number of Pages: 268
Published: 2008-04
ISBN-10: 0821374389
ISBN-13: 9780821374382

Book Description:

Brazil is the world's largest exporter of coffee, sugar, can-based ethanol, orange juice, and iron ore. Yet over the past 10 years, its economy has grown an average of only 2.5 percent per year. The questions increasingly being asked is, How can Brazil improve its competitiveness in the global economy?'Knowledge and Innovation for Competitiveness in Brazil' makes a compelling argument that, in a global economy that is increasingly knowledge drive, human capital is key to growth. The book supports this argument by mapping the relationship between microeconomic inputs, such as health and education services, and macroeconomic outputs, such as growth. It then goes on to recommend specific steps that can be taken to foster innovation and competitiveness.Grounded in economic theory and backed by economic analysis, 'Knowledge and Innovation for Competitiveness in Brazil' will service as an important sourcebook for policy makers, academics and researchers, and business people both inside and outside Brazil.

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