Small Town Chronicle : Sarah's Return

Author: Janet Choplick
Publisher: book series: Janet Choplick
Keywords: return, sarah, chronicle, town, small
Number of Pages: 17
Published: 2010
ISBN-10: 1448955084
ISBN-13: 9781448955084

Book Description:

Welcome to Milroy, a true small-town where history and friendships grow strong. In the first of this series, Sarah has been gone a long while living in a big city. She returns to breathe new life into the old Malacourts and start a new life with her children. Sarah is reunited with her childhood sweetheart Johnny Hanover and romance is in the air. Sarah rediscovers childhood friends and the way a small town works. Sarah will need to rediscover where she belongs and who she is. But every small town has secrets and Milroy is no exception. Someone is not happy Sarah has returned and she soon realizes she is in danger. Will small-town grudges and secrets destroy her, or will she find new hope in this small town?

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