Redefining Territories : The Functional Regions

Author: Nadine Cattan
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: regions, functional, territories, redefining
Number of Pages: 126
Published: 2002-04-30
ISBN-10: 9264196986
ISBN-13: 9789264196988

Book Description:

In all of the territorial development studies and evaluations that are carried out at sub-national levels, the choice of territorial entity is of paramount importance. Data availability generally prompts international organisations, researchers and policymakers to use a country's administrative divisions in their work. Even so, and despite their official existence and their stability, these divisions have certain limitations and imperfections in terms of international comparability.

At the request of the OECD Territorial Development Policy Committee, the Territorial Development Service has undertaken experimental work on functional regions. Such regions correspond to labour markets and would appear to open new horizons for international territorial analysis. Delineated in accordance with a similar principle - that of commuting conditions - these regions show a relative balance of labour supply and demand and may therefore be treated as areas within which people live their daily lives.

This publication reports on current definitions and uses of functional regions in the OECD countries. It sets forth the reasons that prompt countries to formulate such entities, takes stock of responsibilities and prerogatives existing at these echelons, and tallies their financial resources. The publication is an assessment of the relevance of using these regions as analytical territorial entities in the OECD countries, and as a framework for the application of certain territorial policies.

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