Healthyism - Healthy I, Healthy World!

Author: Gary Drisdelle
Publisher: Gary Drisdelle
Keywords: healthy, world, healthyism
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2010-09-30
ISBN-10: 0981386105
ISBN-13: 9780981386102

Book Description:



The book HealthyIsm, Healthy I, Healthy World! is about a worldwide evolutionary practice of calmly and kindly practicing constructive consciousness.


The emphasized I in HealthyIsm underscores the intention that those who practice it focus, by choice, first on taking care of themselves. Their ultimate goal, through bettering the I, is to help the world calmly and kindly evolve into a better place.

Healthy I...Healthy World!

This easy to understand book has been rapidly reaching people around the globe since its first release in 2010. As intended, the book provides clarity, inspiration, and support to people in their quest to welcome what humans are capable of, and what they yearn for, in their calmest and kindest state of mind-optimal health, enduring happiness, and peaceful prosperity for self and for all.

Follow the practice of HealthyIsm and you'll welcome constructive habits such as:
...Being aware of, and repairing, the weak control you have over your destructive instincts and inner mental programming (IMP)
...Freeing the I from self-inflicted negative emotions like fear and anger
...Providing your body with just the right amount of proper nutrition
...Keeping your body and mind free of harmful, destructive materials
...Attaining and maintaining your best physical shape and mental clarity
...Being aware of your interconnection to others in one sense or another-that what you do for yourself, you do for others
...Participating once (or both times) in a brief, twice daily, simultaneous global meditation/prayer/contemplation of unity, a healthy I and/or a healthy world
...Finding ways to welcome in support and kindness
...Finding ways to give out support and kindness


At the end of this book there is a futuristic story of alienscientists who visit earth around the year 2050 and despiteobserving chaos only a few decades earlier find the planetto be in a remarkably healthy state - the air is clean, the waterpure, and the plants and animals vibrant. The scientists concludedthat the humans, the dominant species who were also in excellent condition, had reached a critical point in their developmentwhere they had to choose between evolving or becoming extinct. Choosing life, they learned to cooperate with each other, created many good things as a network of communities, nurturedtheir planet, and as a result saved themselves.

Aliens aside, is this story of human self preservation anda healthy new earth possible or just wishful thinking? With somuch daily bad news of sick people, a fragile environment, avolatile economy, widespread crime, oppressed and exploitedsectors of society and of violent conflicts between regions, cultures, and religions and so on - how could we possibly haveany form of control over this craziness and create such a futureutopia?

How? The answer lies within each one of us. The besthope for controlling the craziness out there in the world is tofirst manage what goes on in here, in our own lives. This bookis dedicated to just that - finding ways to manage our lives, ourthoughts and actions, so that we can exert our energies towardsgood, towards creating a balanced utopia. If enough of us startpracticing higher consciousness in our personal worlds we candramatically improve our collective world. The world is...what Ido. Healthy I, healthy world!

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