Auto Industry : Lessons Learned From Cash For Clunkers Program

Author: A. Nicole Clowers
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: clunkers, program, cash, learned, industry, lessons, auto
Number of Pages: 43
Published: 2010-09
ISBN-10: 1437932975
ISBN-13: 9781437932973

Book Description:

In July and August 2009, the federal government implemented the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save (CARS) program, or żCash for Clunkers,ż a temporary vehicle retirement program that offered consumers a monetary credit ($3,500 or $4,500) to trade in an older vehicle for a new, more fuel-efficient one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was responsible for administering the program. This report examines: (1) what is known to date about the extent to which the CARS program achieved its objectives; (2) what stakeholdersż experiences were with the CARS program; and (3) how the CARS program compares to other selected domestic and international vehicle retirement programs. Charts and tables.

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