Partners In Progress : National Impaired Driving Goals & Strategies For 2005

Author: Ricardo Martinez
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: goals, strategies, driving, impaired, progress, national, partners
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 1995-05-01
ISBN-10: 0788140302
ISBN-13: 9780788140303

Book Description:

A summary of the proceedings of a meeting that was designed to set new, & tougher goals for reducing drunken driving. These new goals would dramatically reduce deaths & injuries, & would set firm goals to be achieved over a 10-year period. Includes recommendations in the following areas: legislation & licensing, law enforcement, prosecution & adjudication; employers, alcohol service, media, youth under 21, young adults age 21-34, repeat offenders, & state & community programs. Includes a 37-page report, Partners in Progress: An Impaired Driving Guide for ActionÓ: a blueprint designed to move the nation forward in accomplishing the reduction of alcohol-related driving fatalities in America to 11,000 by the year 2005.

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