United Nations Peace-keeping Operations : A Guide To French Policies

Author: Brigitte Stern
Publisher: United Nations University Press
Keywords: guide, french, policies, operations, keeping, nations, peace, united
Number of Pages: 166
Published: 1998
ISBN-10: 928081009X
ISBN-13: 9789280810097

Book Description:

This book on France's participation in peacekeeping operations features contributions from a scholar of politics, a law professor, and a military general. Marie-Claude Smouts subtly situates French attitudes towards peacekeeping operations; Yves Daudet analyzes peacekeeping operations' legal aspects and the problems raised by parliamentary control over their finances. The analysis is completed by Gen. Philippe Morillon, who as commander of UNPROFOR from 1992-1993 knew Srebrenica before that town met its tragic fate. These different perspectives illuminate the dedicated French involvement in United Nations peacekeeping operations.

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