How To Study The Bible Pamphlet : Bible Study Made Easy

Author: Rose Publishing
Publisher: Rose Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: study, bible, easy, pamphlet, made
Number of Pages: 8
Published: 2004-09-10
ISBN-10: 1890947636
ISBN-13: 9781890947637

Book Description:

Whether you are teaching people with no Bible experience or those who have studied the Bible for a long time, the best-sellingHow to Study the Biblepamphlet provides an excellent introduction to personal Bible study. This full-color, glossy pamphlet is ideal for teachers who want to provide information on studying the Bible in a quick, easy-to-use format. The bestselling pamphlet offers concise steps for personal preparation, descriptive resources and reference information, and a step-by-step approach for inductive Bible study that teaches students to dig deeper into Godrs"s Word. Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers. The 12-panelHow to Study the Biblepamphlet thoroughly reveals how to approach Bible studies in an organized and life-touching way.This is Bible study made easy! The content is self-explanatory and is both easy to present and easy to use. Following the Bible study pamphlet, individuals learn how to explore the Bible, how to improve Bible skills, how to understand what the Scriptures means as a whole, as well as the Biblers"s real-life application on a personal level.How to Study the Bibleencourages the pursuit of personal study and a deeper, more rewarding experience with God. How to Study the Biblepresents these-and many other-important topics: Why we study the Bible How to begin studying Basic principles of Bible Study Inductive Bible study Basic Bible verses, passages and books of the Bible to study Study tools and Bible reference resources like study Bibles And the S.O.I.L. (four-step approach) that explains how to dig deeper into the Bible. Bible study leaders and teachers who useHow to Study the Biblepamphlet give students every opportunity to enjoy the lifelong adventure and spiritual discipline of Bible study. In addition to a systematic approach to studying the Bible, the pamphlet provides helpful instruction for personal growth and discovery that includes: The importance of keeping Godrs"s over-all plan in mind, the perspective of history and geography of Bible times, and the various forms of literature within the Bible How to begin using inductive Bible study that asks,What does the Bible teach?rather thanHow do I prove my opinions by using the Bible? Bible passages and topics to study Applying the teachings of the Bible to everyday life Key Scriptures to memorize. Those who useHow to Study the Biblewill develop the confidence to read and study Godrs"s Word on their own with a new passion. Therers"s really not an easier way to teach othersHow to Study the Bible.

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