Knowledge Systems And Natural Resources : Management, Policy And Institutions In Nepal

Author: Hemant R. Ojha
Publisher: IDRC
Keywords: policy, institutions, nepal, management, resources, systems, natural, knowledge
Number of Pages: 186
Published: 2007-11
ISBN-10: 8175965630
ISBN-13: 9788175965638

Book Description:

In Recent Years, Knowledge Systems Have Become Key Areas Of Concern For Researchers, Policy-Makers And Developmental Activists. Knowledge Systems And Natural Resources Is A Unique Collection Of Case Studies From Nepal. It Provides Rich And Incisive Insights Into Critical Social Processes And Deliberative Governance. It Analyses How Knowledge Is Produced, Disseminated And Applied In Various Aspects Of Natural Resource Governance In Nepal. The Book Challenges The Dichotomy Between Traditional And Scientific Knowledge. It Proposes To Differentiate Among Systems Of Knowledge On The Basis Of Political Standing Of Social Actors Engaged In Natural Resource Governance. It Further Proposes That Change In Governance Hinges On How The Diverse Systems Of Knowledge Come Into Deliberative Interface And To What Extent The Unequal Distribution Of Power And Knowledge Resources In Society Constrain The Process Of Deliberation.

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