Complex Mortgages (CM)

Author: Gene Amromin (au)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: mortgages, complex
Number of Pages: 57
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1437987850
ISBN-13: 9781437987850

Book Description:

CM became a popular borrowing instrument during the bullish housing market of the early 2000s but vanished rapidly during the subsequent downturn. These non-traditional loans (interest only, negative amortization, and teaser mortgages) enable households to postpone loan repayment compared to traditional mortgages and hence relax borrowing constraints. But, they increase household leverage and heighten dependence on mortgage refinancing. CM were chosen by prime borrowers with high income levels seeking to purchase expensive houses relative to their incomes. Borrowers with CM experience substantially higher ex post default rates than borrowers with traditional mortgages with similar characteristics. Illus. This is a print on demand report.

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