Secrecy : Report Of The Commission On Protecting And Reducing Government Secrecy

Author: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: secrecy, government, reducing, commission, report, protecting
Number of Pages: 293
Published: 1997-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788146858
ISBN-13: 9780788146855

Book Description:

This is the highly controversial & much-publicized report that proposed changes for improving classification & declassification practices of the U.S. Government to protect the nation's secrets while still ensuring that the public has access to information on government operations. Explores the historical roots of current practices, the consequences for both the dissemination of information to the public & the sharing of info. within the Federal Government, the functioning of the bureaucracy that protects government secrets, the effort to promote greater accountability, & the various costs associated with protecting secrets & reducing secrecy. Charts & tables.

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