Inside World

Author: Lamonte W. Mills
Publisher: AUTHOR
Keywords: world, inside
Number of Pages: 369
Published: 2009-08-24
ISBN-10: 1607499142
ISBN-13: 9781607499145

Book Description:

This is the prelude to how a story began, three worlds all co-existing in one. Those of the Inside World have been given a mission to rescue those from the Outside World. There are a select few of the Inside World who have been entrusted with a power, though the powers are great. If those who are chosen select to use those powers against anyone at any given time, they not only jeopardize their sight and vision, they risk the strength of their will. This book is an introduction to these worlds. What world are you a part of? What are your powers? What are your weaknesses? Or is it too late? For now, this is the end, but from here on out, it is the beginning.

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