The Common Sense Of Teaching Foreign Languages

Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions World
Keywords: languages, foreign, teaching, sense, common
Number of Pages: 254
Published: 2010-08-05
ISBN-10: 0878252312
ISBN-13: 9780878252312

Book Description:

Gattegno wrote this book as a scientist interested in learning processes, as a student interested in the mastery of foreign languages, and as a teacher interested in providing his students with ideal learning conditions. These perspectives combined with years of research, travel, and fieldwork create a full insight into the problem of learning a foreign language. He argues that learning a language should not be about recitation and memorization, but about the natural learning processes we have used since birth. "In fact," he writes, "We can no more say that we remember our language than that we remember how to stand up or walk.

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