Health United States 1998 : With Socioeconomic Status And Health Chart Book

Author: E Pamuk
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: health, chart, book, status, socioeconomic, united, states
Number of Pages: 473
Published: 1999-07-01
ISBN-10: 0788178954
ISBN-13: 9780788178955

Book Description:

Presents national trends in health statistics. Includes a chartbook & detailed tables. This year socioeconomic status & health was selected as the subject of the chartbook, which includes sections on the population, children's health, & adults' health. The sections on health include subsections on health status, risk factors, & health care access & utilization. The chartbook is followed by 149 detailed tables organized around 4 major subject areas: health status & determinants, utilization of health resources, health care resources, & health care expenditures. The tables report data for selected years to highlight major trends in health statistics.

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