The Regiftable Gift Book : The Gift That Keeps On Regiving

Author: Larry Zafran
Publisher: Larry Zafran
Keywords: gift, regiving, keeps, book, regiftable
Number of Pages: 41
Published: 2011-03-09
ISBN-10: 1453874852
ISBN-13: 9781453874851

Book Description:

A unique and practical gift idea to take the place of a greeting card! Unlike a greeting card, the recipient can actually regift this book to someone else, and is encouraged to do so since that's part of the fun! As the original gift-giver, you'll fill in the blanks in a letter to the recipient, including his/her name, relationship to you, gift occasion, and so on. Next, you'll complete a simple lighthearted questionnaire about gift-giving such as the best and worst gifts you've ever received, and gifts that you've regifted or returned. Below the questionnaire there is room for a short, personalized message to the recipient, as well as your closing and signature. Printed instructions inform the recipient that s/he is encouraged to regift the book to someone else (or back to you!) by completing the above steps. The book can be regifted 15 times. Have fun!

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