The Digital Work Force : Building Infotech Skills At The Speed Of Innovation

Author: Meares, Carol Ann
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: skills, speed, innovation, infotech, building, work, force, digital
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 1999
ISBN-10: 0788188011
ISBN-13: 9780788188015

Book Description:

The digital work force challenge has been the subject of much debate among representatives of industry, employee groups & economists. The challenge is driven by the unique nature of information technology (IT) & its pervasive role throughout the U.S. economy & our society. This report discusses the impact of rapid creation & adoption of IT on the U.S. economy, describes the demand & supply trends for core IT occupations, discusses the business environment & its impact on the IT labor market, & proposes steps stakeholders can take to address the challenge. Most of these suggestions provide actions within the reach of those in the business, government, & education communities.

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