Inspectors General : Actions Needed To Improve Audit Coverage Of NASA

Author: Jeannette Franzel
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: audit, coverage, nasa, improve, needed, general, actions, inspectors
Number of Pages: 77
Published: 2009-11
ISBN-10: 1437913016
ISBN-13: 9781437913019

Book Description:

The auditor was asked to review the NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) and provide information on: (1) the audit and investigative coverage of NASA; (2) the NASA OIG's audit and investigative accomplishments; (3) the NASA OIG's budget and staffing levels, including staff attrition rates; and (4) the results of external reviews of the NASA OIG. The auditor obtained information from NASA OIG reports, interviews, and documentation. Includes recommendations. Illustrations.

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