Financial Management : Review Of Education's Grant Back Account

Author: Christine Robertson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: grant, account, education, review, management, financial
Number of Pages: 69
Published: 2000-04-01
ISBN-10: 0756711681
ISBN-13: 9780756711689

Book Description:

Reviews the U.S. Dept. of Education's (DoE) grantback account (GA). Includes info. on the purpose of the GA; the annual GA balance since inception; and the grantback account balance as of Dec. 31, 1999. Also evaluates how the GA has been used since inception; whether there is support for the transactions in the GA; whether the transactions in the GA are valid; and whether any federal laws have been violated by the existence and mgmt. of the GA. The DoE's financial mgmt. system and manual internal controls over grantback activity and related funds control were evaluated and the actions already taken and planned by the DoE to address GA issues identified by auditors were reviewed. Charts and tables.

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