Author: P C Hooft
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: eeuw, gouden, liefde, geld, warenar
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 9053565558
ISBN-13: 9789053565551

Hertaling van en achtergrondinformatie bij de 17e-eeuwse klucht.

Author: Amy Einsohn
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: communications, exercises, keys, corporate, publishing, handbook, guide, book, copyeditor
Number of Pages: 588
Published: 2000-05-16
ISBN-10: 0520218345
ISBN-13: 9780520218345

The Copyeditor's Handbook is a lively, practical manual for newcomers to publishing and for experienced editors who want to fine-tune their skills or broaden their understanding of the craft. Addressed to copyeditors in book publishing and corporate communications, this thoughtful handbook explains what copyeditors do, what they look for when they edit a manuscript, and how they develop the editorial judgment needed to make sound decisions.This book may be used for self-instruction or as a textbook in copyediting classes. The fifteen practice exercises--ranging from sets of sentences to 900-wo

Author: Carlos Castañeda
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: way, knowledge, yaqui, juan, don, teachings
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 1972-11-01
ISBN-10: 0520022580
ISBN-13: 9780520022584

Published in 1968 when Carlos Castaneda was still a graduate student in anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, "The Teachings of Don Juan" experienced extraordinary success and generated intense controversy. Read by over a million readers worldwide, the book introduced many to shamanic traditions and the use of hallucinogenic drugs. The authenticity of the text was questioned by scholars when Castaneda refused to reveal the identity of his teacher, Don Juan Matus. Whether read as ethnographic fact or creative fiction, "The Teachings of Don Juan " remains an important docume

Author: Ross E. Dunn
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: fourteenth, century, traveler, muslim, ibn, battuta, adventures
Number of Pages: 378
Published: 1986
ISBN-10: 0520057716
ISBN-13: 9780520057715

Ross Dunn here recounts the great traveler's remarkable career, interpreting it within the cultural and social context of Islamic society and giving the reader both a biography of an extraordinary personality and a study of the hemispheric dimensions of human interchange in medieval times.

Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Sharon Lechter
Keywords: success, freedom, secret, devil, outwitting
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 2011-06-07

Napoleon Hill wrote this book in 1938, just after publication of his all-time bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. This powerful tale has never been published, considered too controversial by his family and friends.Using his legendary ability to get to the root of human potential, Napoleon Hill digs deep to identify the greatest obstacles we face in reaching personal goals: fear, procrastination, anger, and jealousy, as tools of the Devil. These hidden methods of control can lead us to ruin, and Hill reveals the seven principles of good that will allow us to triumph over them and succeed.Annotated

Author: Jonathan Philip Timmons
Publisher: GabrielKolbe
Keywords: planet, earth, battle, kingdom, secrets, mysterious
Number of Pages: 252
Published: 1991-06
ISBN-10: 1563500000
ISBN-13: 9781563500008

Author: Thenkabail, Prasad Srinivas, Gamage, M. S. D. Nila
Publisher: IWMI
Keywords: monitoring, southwest, asia, assessment, drought, sensing, data, remote
Number of Pages: 34
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 9290905751
ISBN-13: 9789290905752

This report describes the development of the near real-time drought monitoring and reporting system for the region, which currently includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and western parts of India. The system is based on drought-related indices derived from high-resolution remote-sensing data (MODIS). The unique feature of the study is the development of regression relationships between drought-related indices obtained from MODIS and AVHRR data, which have different pixel-resolution and optical characteristics. The goal is to make the system available, via Internet, to all stakeholders in the region.
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