Author: Get Through Guides
Publisher: Get Through Guides
Keywords: text, study, accountant, professional
Number of Pages: 22
Published: 2008-01-01
ISBN-10: 1848080336
ISBN-13: 9781848080331

This is the comprehensive study text, structured in sequence around the ACCA syllabus headings.It is very comprehensive to give you confidence that everything is covered.there are lots of examples with a clear approach, using mind maps to summarise the most important aspects.This is a very clear and accessible study text and is a must for all students studying ACCA.

Author: University of California, Los Angeles. Library
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: press, angeles, los, california, incorporating, works, elsewhere, recorded, university, library, ahmanson, catalogue, murphy, collection, relating, books, aldine
Number of Pages: 678
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 0520229932
ISBN-13: 9780520229938

This catalog provides a descriptive bibliography of books in the Ahmanson-Murphy Aldine collection at the University of California, Los Angeles, together with abbreviated notices of works not at UCLA. Handsomely produced, slipcased, and carefully annotated, this volume should become a major resource for Aldine studies and the history of the book. The Aldine Press revolutionized the production, accessibility, and use of the book. Founded by Aldus Manutius (ca 1452-1515), the press introduced a number of innovations that helped shape the development of the modern book, including italic type and

Author: Liane Lefaivre
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Keywords: tool, design, play, city, ground
Number of Pages: 129
Published: 2007-04-20
ISBN-10: 9064506027
ISBN-13: 9789064506024

Author: Antonio López
Publisher: Ediciones Tres Fronteras
Keywords: milenio, tercer, cuba
Number of Pages: 43
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 8475644619
ISBN-13: 9788475644615

Author: Andrea Woolverton
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: enrollment, program, acre, influencing, factors
Number of Pages: 43
Published: 2011-05
ISBN-10: 1437928811
ISBN-13: 9781437928815

The Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program is the first revenue-based, income-support program that calculates payments using recent market prices and a producerżs actual plantings. The payments are triggered when a farmżs revenue and State revenue fall below a calculated guarantee for a crop. The report suggests that, for 2009-12, producers of corn, soybeans, wheat, and rice are likely to benefit more from the ACRE program than from the price-based, income-support programs. Data indicate that about 8% of farms with almost 13% of eligible base acres elected to participate in ACRE, which

Author: N. Saif, Y. Ibrahim
Publisher: Yasser Ibrahim
Keywords: questions, exam, ebook, pdf, scjp
Number of Pages: 345

Author: Thomas Lechford
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: dealing, plain
Number of Pages: 214
Published: 2009-05-01
ISBN-10: 1429018291
ISBN-13: 9781429018296

"With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars, interpreters, students, and non-academics alike can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us."
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