Author: Benjamin Pimentel
Publisher: Anvil Publishing, Inc.
Keywords: quarter, storm, generation, first, jopson, tale, journey, edgar, underground
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 9712715906
ISBN-13: 9789712715907

Author: Wim Dijkgraaf
Publisher: Synergio B.V.
Keywords: requirements, smart, eind, het, bij
Number of Pages: 24
ISBN-10: 9078990015
ISBN-13: 9789078990017

Author: Wolfgang Lederer
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: man, redemption, woman, andersen, christian, snow, queen, hans, kiss
Number of Pages: 292
Published: 1986
ISBN-10: 0520057740
ISBN-13: 9780520057746

Hans Christian Andersen's haunting and enigmatic tale, The Snow Queen, has not only enchanted generations of children, but has also fascinated and puzzled adults. Lederer uncovers the roots of this perennial enchantment by interweaving an astute psychological analysis of the fairy tale with an account of Andersen's life. Engaging and highly readable, this book is suffused with perceptions culled from psychology, folklore, and myth. Hans Christian Andersen's haunting and enigmatic tale, The Snow Queen, has not only enchanted generations of children, but has also fascinated and puzzled adults. L

Author: Luís Batalha
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: migration, diaspora, verdean, cape, archipelago, perspectives, transnational
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 2008
ISBN-10: 9053569944
ISBN-13: 9789053569948

The island nation of Cape Verde has given rise to a diaspora that spans the four continents of the Atlantic Ocean. Migration has been essential to the island since the birth of its nation and connections to faraway places continue to dominate its day-to-day life. This volume makes a significant contribution to the study of international migration and transnationalism by exploring the Cape Verdean diaspora through its geographic diversity and broad thematic range. Analyzing such themes in Cape Verdean transnationalism as music, language, the Internet, and gender relations, Transnational Archipe

Author: T. J. Clark
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: revolution, courbet, gustave, people, image
Number of Pages: 215
Published: 1999
ISBN-10: 0520217454
ISBN-13: 9780520217454

When Image of the People and its companion volume, The Absolute Bourgeois, appeared in 1973, they signaled a new direction for writing about art. "The book's success is crucial," wrote Michael Rosenthal, "because there are few models for this type of study, and it is of necessity pioneering." New Left Review said the book's great merit was that "it elucidates a number of crucial theoretical problems through the concrete analysis of a concrete situation. To the eternal--and false--question: 'What is revolutionary art?' Clark gives an implicit reply by substituting for it another, more fertile o

Author: William Hermanns
Publisher: Branden Books
Keywords: man, cosmic, search, poet, einstein
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 1983-04
ISBN-10: 0828318735
ISBN-13: 9780828318730

Centering on the close 34-year relationship with Einstein, the author begins this absorbing book by describing his vow on the battlefield of Verdun: 'God, save me, and I will serve you as long as I live.' A member of the League for Human Rights, the Alexander von Humboldt International Club, and other peace organizations, Professor Hermanns became a disciple of Albert Einstein.

Publisher: Marco Teixeira
Keywords: separado, pai, cartas, saudades, morrendo
Number of Pages: 99
ISBN-10: 8561868066
ISBN-13: 9788561868062

'Morrendo de Saudades' é um livro que surge para demonstrar o empenho dos pais separados em encurtar distâncias, superar barreiras, vencer preconceitos. Marco Teixeira faz um relato pessoal de sua vivência longe dos filhos. Um relato com o qual muitos homens deverão se identificar, mostrando que a paternidade não se encerra com a separação dos pais. Surge então um novo pai, totalmente diferente da tradicional figura paterna. O livro de Marco Teixeira mostra um pai terno e amigo. Preocupado, sim, em estabelecer limites, mas, antes de tudo, alguém que angustia-se com a distância, a fal
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